Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/23/09

  • "Scooters" I see them every day on Sheridan; rain or shine, night or day. Students on Razor scooters...uh...scooting their way to class. Not to a grade school mind you, to classes like African Diaspora and Black Transnationality or Polish Philosophy. Since Barack is fond of laying down new rules and such, I have one for him: an age limit mandate on non-electric scooters (electric scooters are banned outright, for obvious reasons). If you're over the age of 14 and caught riding, you get 5 years. Or 5 minutes with this guy.
  • "Second Chances" I gave the Deuce a second try yesterday and I actually enjoyed myself this time. It was still packed like a truck of migrant workers, but I got a table and therefore avoided the pushing and shoving. Plus, I only ended up spending $5 the whole night. I'll give Chris and Looney their propers for helping make that happen.
  • "Fan Bans" When I read this at lunch today I almost fell out of my seat. I understand that in light of the Dunbar shooting and the North Lawndale incident people are concerned for their safety. Shoot, I wouldn't go to a Corliss-Julian game at 7 p.m. w/Rambo as security, and I live 10 minutes away from Julian. But banning away team fans? Really? I highly doubt fans from Jones would start throwing hands at Payton games.
  • "Ghosts" A while back, I threw out my conspiracy theory for the whole Tinley Park Lane Bryant massacre of February '08. Pretty much, the entirety of the reported leads were garbage: couldn't have been only one assailant and the lone survivor (who was missed by a point-blank-range shot) couldn't give anything better than a 3rd grade composite sketch. Sounded fishy then, and nearly a year later there's been zero reported progress in the case. No leads. Nothing. I hope the truth comes out b/c what happened was horrible, it just seems to me that the truth behind the murders is just as heinous as the crime itself.
  • "Missiles" Damn, Barack ain't playin.


*Secret Admirer* said...

I agree, scooters are soo middle school, but why must they spend 5 minutes with that crazy man...thatz torture..but hey I prefer "syrup" ewww.Once again good job Dallas..

DSD said...

Not the appropriate post to reply with this in, but this pisses me off. If that dude were black... fuck it, Mexican, he'd have approximately 111,342,133.25 bullets in his head and several more elsewhere.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Holy shit that's soo true. They said 'drop the knife' like 10 times. Then, when he did, nobody rushed him!!
It is Canada, but still. If that dude were black he woulda got stomped out