Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/2/09

  • "Craig Robinson" You know who he is. Dude is hi-larious in every movie he appears in: Pineapple Express, Zack & Miri Make A Porno, Knocked Up...that's all I got right now but still, he's great.
  • "50 Cent" I haven't been a fan since 7th grade when Get Rich or Die Trying came out. And even then, I was only a fan in the way that you are of scrambled Skinemax that you watch in the basement with your thumb glued to the "last channel" button while your parents are asleep. Half the allure was that it was violent. Well, 50, master of beef, is at it again. He's a pretty funny dude, and he gets bonus points for telling the truth. Officer Ricky!
  • "Harold's" Indulged for the first time in a while yesterday during the game at Mena, Zack, Chris, and Looney's. I lost count of how many wings after I had after 8, but the over/under is at 12. The game was surprisingly good too, especially in Tuscon.
  • "Bongs" Boy did it make my day to see this picture yesterday. It all makes sense now; I'd always thought Michael Phelps was mildly retarded after seeing him bomb on SNL. Kind of an aquatic Rain Man. But I get it now. His slow talking and obvious omission of lines was b/c of the weed. If I were ever....ever ever....ever ever ever ever ever to be high, I wouldn't remember my lines either. And Phelps shouldn't have to apologize. He's a 20-something mega-rich athlete, he can afford to smoke whenever he wants. If this was crystal meth, then I'd expect an apology.
  • "Ciara" I never got official word on those 'she-used-to-actually-use-her-fly' rumors, but still, got damn. If she did used to pee standing up, she had a god of some sort do her operation. Can't say I can say that for ol' girl guy....Katelynn from The Real World.

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DSD said...

That naked picture of Ciara was actually not naked. They took it in a swimsuit and photoshopped the swimsuit out.

... She was mad.