Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/12/09

  • "Rumors" I've heard it since high school: "His son is playing, so Mike's gonna be at the game!". It doesn't happen, ever. Tonight the Illini come to Welsh-Ryan and it's gonna be crazy. ESPN, free ish, the works. But, even though he's in town and lives like 30 minutes from Evanston, Mike won't be there. He can't. He like Bigfoot with a fadeaway. And I'll take the time to say this right now: if, by the grace of the basketball gods, Mike shows up, I'm putting his security and getting a picture.
  • "Previews" Just got a new track from Matt. Lemme know what you guys think about it. Title included.
  • "Google" Exposing how stupid, racist, infected, sick, depressed and insecure we are, once search at a time.
  • "Lincoln Love" Abe Lincoln was a good President. He led the North through a war, blah, blah. Oh yeah, and he freed the slaves. I'm not trashing Father Abraham, he's the most famous President for a reason. But I'm tired of the saint-like, slave-loving Lincoln image we're fed all the time. It's simply not true. False. F-A-L-S-E. Lincoln liked black people about as much as Jesse Lee Peterson does. And here's the proof.
  • "Recession" Eff mortgages, banks and car companies. Eff 'em. But when the recession hits Mr. Beef, I have a problem. Can we get a trans fat bailout?


Krypton FLO said...

i went to a whitney young game justto see mj. he wasnt there though. i got his number on speed dial though, so it's all good.

*good looks on the song post too.

DSD said...

Lmfao, thanks for outing Lincoln. I try to do it whenever anyone brings him up.