Friday, February 13, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/13/09

  • "Drake" If you don't already know, his new mixtape, So Far Gone, dropped this morning. It's more of an album than a mixtape in my opinion, at least in terms of production. There are no celebrity drops or mixes, and most the songs are over 4 minutes. My fave track as of right now? "Successful". It features Wayne and Trey Songz, neither of which I'm crazy about, but Drake rides the sparse beat for 3 verses strong. Drake 1, Wayne 0. My fave line? "Niggas out here soundin' too last year/ The game needs some change and I'm the muhfuckin' cashier". And to think this cat was on Degrassi...
  • "Naming Rights" There should be an official board, stationed at hospitals across the nation, ruling on whether or not you can name your kids retarded-ass names. And I'm only half-kidding; names are important. T.I. has kids named, and I wish I was joking, Messiah, King and Major. Messiah!? I know that there are a million Jesuses in Spanish-speaking countries, but that's different. At least that idiocy is contingent on Christianity. Messiah and King and the rest are universal. Those kids will get picked on anywhere on the globe, not just here.
  • "Coaching" The U of I game yesterday was brutal. Not only did I yell reprehensible things at guys who'd never done a bad thing in the world to me, it didn't even work! They still won. I can't go easy on NU basketball this time. That was one of the worst losses I've seen in years. That win would've made a strong NCAA tourney case (3 wins against ranked opponents and a realistic shot at 20 wins), but they traveled, bricked and choked it away. And I blame Coach Carmody most of all. He's right, NU couldn't handle the pressure, and that's the coach's fault. They spent the last 5 minutes passing up 2 and 3-on-1 pressbreaker opportunities to run clock. The point of a pressbreaker is to get easy shots!!
  • "Projections" There's lies, damn lies, and then there's statistics. It amazes me that a bunch of calculations made by poindexters in labs about the 2009 MLB season get so much coverage. I'm really only mad b/c the Sox are projected to finish dead last in the AL Central, which is asinine. Damn the numbers. How can a division winner that lost only one starting pitcher and a couple role-playing infielders go from first to worst? Also, any prediction having the Yankees winning 90+ games is worthless.
  • "Progress" Every day it's looking more and more like I'll be living off-campus next year. Tomorrow is an open house on Foster and Maple, and Zack and Jordan and the other of my possible roommates are going to scope it out. Looks like the only thing left I need is parental permission...

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