Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/18/09

  • "N.A.S.A." Their debut album dropped yesterday - The Spirit of Apollo - and Cecelia was kind enough to bless me with it. I'm not leaving this up to choice, you must listen.
  • "Dear Zachary" Yesterday I got put on to a lot of good stuff. "Dear Zachary" was one of them. Props to Jarred on that. I couldn't find the bootleg online so it's at the top of my Netflix queue at the moment. Check the trailer here, and I challenge you to resist trying to watch the whole movie.
  • "Beginning Spanish" I love it. Not only b/c of Profa. Rosenberg, but also b/c of the awkwardness you can count on every class. We read at about a 2nd grade Spanish level in 101-2, and I wish I could see the Simple Jack looks on our faces after Profa. tries desperately to explain how to say "The doctor gave him a prescription."
  • "TNT" No Theta. They have the best halftime and post-game team in the NBA. Gary Payton and Kenny Smith are hi-larious. Chris Webber? Meh...
  • "Bonuses" Here's a new bonus track that Wheelchair Jimmy Drake just leaked. So Far Gone has been in constant rotation in my eardrums since Thursday. Mixtape of the year so far.

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