Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/24/09

  • "Chaos" Got back to Bobb last night with Bennett and, in a span of 3 hours, all hell broke loose. There are paramedics and cops everywhere. People are getting wheeled out on stretchers. It smells like pine cones in the hallway. And there's a potential Chris Brown-Rihanna situation brewing. Weird night.
  • "Facial Expressions" Me and Miriam chopped it up at The Keg for a solid hour last night. What about is unimportant. What I found funny, though, was that all while we were laughing about how everyone thought I was hitting on her and vice-versa, at least 15 people stood behind Miriam's back and did some variation of the Johnny Bravo pelvic thrust.
  • "Big Sean" He's performing tonight at The Wild Hare in Wrigleyville. Show's from 9-1 a.m.
  • "Mardi Gras" They toss beads and bullets down in the N.O. apparently. I'd planned on going down at some point during my lifetime, but getting to see some titties on Bourbon Street isn't really worth taking a slug in the leg. I'd much rather go to Brazil for Carnival.
  • "Change" This is blowing my mind right now. It's to be expected, Harrison is like 50, but it's going to be weird not seeing him in a Colts jersey anymore.


Miles said...

Marvin Harrison is basically my second favorite active football player behind edge (that old colts holy trinity..). Even though I saw it a few days ago, thinking about it still makes me sad.

DSD said...

What happened at Bobb?