Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/26/09

  • "Stormin' Norman" A somber R.I.P. to Bulls legend Norm Van Lier. He was found dead today in his near-West Side home. He was a great player and a great analyst; Norm never made any qualms about who he was rooting for. I came up with him reveling in the glory of the Jordan-Pippen era, and Bulls basketball will never be the same.
  • "Helen Thomas" She's speaking on campus today at 5:15. If you don't know who she is, Wikipedia her. Her accomplishments are pretty amazing, but what's more remarkable is the fact that she's still working at 90 years old. I figured I'd check her out b/c odds are there aren't too many more public speaking engagements in her future. *This was the best picture I could find of her, trust me.
  • "Tiger" How the hell was he still ranked #1 in the world after taking a year off? Was golf just not being played while Tiger rehabbed his knee, or did everyone just realize he'd still win 7 or 8 tourneys with one working knee? Anyways, seeing as he came back this week and immediately birdied, my theory is that he underwent a $6 Million Man-surgery and is no longer technically human.
  • "Chappelle's Show" Here's ESPN's Doug Gottlieb showing just how huge Chappelle's Show continues to be and will always be. Forward to the 8:00 mark to hear the priceless audio. He botched his golden opportunity though. It's "Game........blouses...," Doug. Not "Game Blouses!".
  • "LeBron" Just because.


Antoinette said...

Yeah, I knew Lebron was the shxt, but I never realized how beasty he is until now and i'm not even that big of a sports fan.

Annabel Lee said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH my first thought was, oh man this blog is gonna be making fun of this fugly lady.. and turns out she's important. hHHAAHHAA sorry that is still a really terrible picture. youd think if she was so accomplished she could afford some type of.. plastic surgery.. or botox.. or both?

Annabel Lee said...

who the hell is annabel lee?? THIS IS VANESSA BY THE WAY