Monday, February 9, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/9/09

  • "Scandal" The A-Rod 'roid deal is really sad to see. He's been the athlete everyone loves to hate since he signed that $225 million deal. Leaving your wife for Madonna doesn't help, nor does playing for the Yankees, but A-Rod has had a rough 5 years and now he's done. The boos are going to be earth-shattering come April. Being the best shortshop possibly ever, and most certainly the most talented since Cal Ripken Jr., it blows my mind as to why he felt the need to juice. It's sort of like Bonds; yeah everybody was doing it (and if you want to deny that you're delusional), but these two were better than everybody else. They didn't need to keep up b/c they were light years ahead of the rest of the league. Clemens too. I feel bad for A-Rod, I really do. He has mucho dolares, fame, and other-worldly talent yet at the same time his life is in shambles.
  • "Challenges" I haven't touched alcohol since Thursday and the length of my abstinence from the drank is indefinite. It's not out of any moral high ground I consider myself to be on, nor is it a knee-jerk decision. It's just simple logic. I don't enjoy it and it's terrible for me. Me, not you, not everyone, just me. All I know is me, so all I can apply this to is me. You'll still see me at bars and the all-too-rare house party on campus, but I'll be sipping just the juice of the jungle juice. And I don't want to hear about drinking responsibly. That's oxymoronic. It's impossible to responsibly ruin your liver and deteriorate your brain.
  • "Chris Jericho" WWF fans stand up. Don't be ashamed. Every pre-pubescent boy in the 90s was doing the Stunner and the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. So you know who Chris Jericho is and how much of an ass he was is. In case you forgot, here's a reminder.
  • "The Grammys" They're a farce. It's about as fair as the soup Nazi. A bunch of old, rich white (not that that's a negative, it's just true) people voting for their friends or whoever's A&R pays them the most. Actually, scratch the Nazi reference. It's like the superlatives in your high school yearbook. At least at Payton, 85% of the "winners" were from the same clique. I didn't watch last night's show, but I wish I'd caught S.L.U. live. And why wasn't MIA in the maternity ward instead of on stage? She wasn't just a little pregnant.
  • "Wasted Time" Ben Woldenburg (sorry if I misspelled it Benhamin) brought Sporcle into my life about a month ago, and I've had many an unproductive night b/c of it. Bookmark if you dare.


Krypton FLO said...

i drank and smoke, NUCCA

kaila said...

dall dall the last time you told me you didn't drink u were definitely in a basement on the north side doing the dougie hella drunk. also no crack on chris brown about him beating the shit out of rihanna, omgi-o.

Krypton FLO said...

damn...sporcle aint a joke...3 hours monday night wasted!