Sunday, February 22, 2009


This has been my profile picture on Facebook for the last 24 hours. Innocent enough, and some of you may even know where and when it was taken. Well, over the last 24 hours I've been 'warned' about this photo with a severity that made me think I'd dropped the forks on camera. Let me explain myself, both to stop the odd Greek concern and to air out a little pent up frustration I've had.Everyone at Payton knows what this means. For those of you in the dark, here's the B-Street For Dummies: 4 or so friends living on and around Bernard Street in Chicago rep their street, handshake and all. When the little bro goes to high school, the shake and sign spread to most of his boys and, after a few years, The B is 25 deep. As you can see from Exhibit A above, I was one of that 25.

This is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. He also has his index finger and thumb making a circle. But, it looks a little bit different doesn't it? Nonetheless, I've been getting warnings about how upset my profile picture may or may not potentially upset some members.
1.) If someone has a problem with a Facebook profile picture, they really should sit down to readjust their priorities in life.
2.) If they don't like it, tell me.This is the sign that a little organization called the Bloods uses. Whenever I throw the B up in public, I'm a little more worried I might anger one of them. College-educated fraternity men are slightly less intimidating than prison-educated felons. But that's just me.

I may be overreacting, but it's just something that's irked me for a while. I was a member of the Chicago Kappa League during high school, so I know all about the traditions, rituals, and whatever. Trust me, if I wanted to look like a wannabe Nupe I would. I'd convienently misspell words and make sure to get kaught on kamera in only krimson and kream. But I don't, and it's annoying that something as inconsequential as Facebook has Greek censors. It's not like that hand sign is the most innovative on Earth either. Old white people probably thought everyone in The B was always happy, b/c to them that sign means "A Okay".

I understand the ritual and pride of Greek life as much as an outsider can, so that's where I'm coming from. Remember that. And as much as the philanthropy and outstanding achievement impress me, the flashes of irrationality that come along with them boggle my mind.


shelto said...

yo I know exactly how you feel...i had the same thing happen to me earlier this year...i simply told ppl dats we we throw up where im from...big ups for this post


WuTangIsForThe Children said...

appreciate the feedback my dude

Miles said...

Whats funny is that it kind of looks like you're throwing up the sigma in your 'replacement picture'

Can't win..

Antoinette said...

YES!! I HATE HAVING TO WATCH EVERYTHING I DO BECAUSE OF GREEKS!! Don't say that, because it sounds like their call, don't dance like that because it loosk like you're imitating their stroll, like I used to say "Yo" all the time but now I gotta watch who I say it around because somebody might take it the wrong way and I don't feel like dealing with all the mess to come along with it. I am sooo happy you posted this one dallas, kudos to you

JuJu said...


Vanessa said...

i took picture exhibit A. :)

Krypton said...

i throw the b all day my nig. B street up in this bitch. haha. i mess with the post though. i got pulled to the side last year because i got a couple guys together and we choreographed a "non-greek" stroll. they were OUTRAGED