Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/11/09

  • "Congrats" My third probate in three days. Congrats to the new Kappa men. I had to stand on a staircase 70 feet away, but I still got to hear Austin do his thing. Can't believe this dude was singing.....Josh too. And I see you with the Kweli shit Demas. Glad to have y'all back in the real world. Rest up for Friday too, for it's to be an occasion to be thoroughly throwed at.
  • "Reality" Just ran across this on CP3 is reallllllly good. But he hasn't even been in the league 5 years, so it's borderline blasphemy to speak his name in the same sentence as Magic Johnson. Not only was he the greatest point guard ever - if you'd like to argue that, here's my first move - but he played with HIV!! I challenge you to find an HIV-positive person that could even hit 3 free throws in a row, let alone win an All-Star MVP.
  • "Progress" We can't win. We can't get out and we can't get in. We can't win.
  • "Sprees" Yesterday was a pretty bloody day. First, somebody goes Grand Theft Auto in Alabama. Then, Germany gets their own Columbine. I've voiced my opinion - people kill people, but it's a whole lot harder when guns are illegal - on the whole gun control issue many a time, and life is making me more and more certain I'm right.
  • "Spring" On a lighter note, these new Zuriick joints may be my next victims. I haven't worn a white shoe since the first snowflakes fell back in like October, so it's gettin to be about that time.

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