Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/13/09

  • "Labor" So I just got my first real job. Not working for my mom, or for my auntie, or shoveling neighbors' snow, or cutting my granddad's grass. A real, $8.25/hr, backaching, GED-requiring, bureaucratic J-O-B. Come see at the Norris Bookstore next quarter.
  • "March" The 'Cuse reminded me why this is my favorite month of the year. 6 overtimes. I can't even imagine playing 6 OTs. In high school, I was spent after one overtime. And that was usually from the bench. Can't wait till the tournament.
  • "Kanye" This can't be real.....can it? I didn't even know The Cleveland Show existed to be honest.
  • "Daycare" I thank my mom every day for never sticking me in one and watching my ass herself. Just b/c you once were a kid doesn't qualify you to care for them. Though 10 kids are sick, you can't help but find this hilarious. Wtf is windshield wiper fluid doing in a daycare!? In any building besides Murray's Auto Parts? I've never been a fan of blue Kool-Aid anyways, so I woulda been laughing at these little jokers while they downed the Windex.
  • "Ether" I would have no problem with Jon Stewart running our country. I'm half joking, but dude is smart. He just dismantled this so-called financial guru, albeit on his home court, and made it funny. If he surrounded himself with evil geniuses like Baby Bush did, I don't see why he can't be President.

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JuJu said...

that day care shit is just like set it off. ridiculous. B4L