Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/2/09

  • "Duke" Mike Posner's mixtape dropped yesterday and it's quite catchy if I may so myself. He sounds like Shawty Lo with proper enunciation, but he makes much better music. Gotta respect someone who writes, sings, rhymes, and produces. Also, as a side note, he's the first product of Duke University I've been a fan of since Grant Hill. And that's saying a lot b/c G. Hill is like 43. Support!
  • "Recession" Only Kellyn is going to get this, but eff it.
  • "Skype" My mom just discovered the wonders of the webcam over the weekend - and I hope that she doesn't learn anything more than Skype-ing with that camera - so, instead of phone calls, we'll be arguing about why I haven't brought a girlfriend home like my cousin yet over the ether.
  • "Viernes" Bought my Watchmen ticket on Saturday. Now I understand the crazy Batman hype from this past summer. I'm almost done rereading the novel and Friday can't come soon enough. I've watched the trailer probably 400 times.
  • "Celebrity Deathmatch" I really wish this show still came on. I'd TiVo Rahm Emanuel vs. Rush Limbaugh most definitely. I'd put my money on Rush, only b/c Oxy makes you feel like Superman and Rahm has an Abe Lincoln-sized jaw.


Miles said...

movie's about to dominate, i am pretty close to done with the book too.

Anonymous said...

this is not cool know who this is

DSD said...

1. The Posner tape is more than legit. I've had that shit on repeat.

2. I don't get the hype over the Watchmen. I think I'll borrow the GN from my friend next door.