Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/23/09

  • "The Hook-Up" Gotta love the hook-up. The word has been bastardized in recent years, but the original meaning is the best one. I went to a body shop to get what even I knew was minor damage to my car appraised over winter break. 2 grand. 2 grand, the guy says. Well, I came home for spring break and my fortunes changed. My pops examined a guy named Mr. Gutierrez who just so happens to fix cars for a living. He came to the house yesterday and said he could fix my shit for $500. Like I said, gotta love the hook-up.
  • "Infomercials" I've gotten the chance to watch a lot of TV over the past 4 days, about 10 hours a day to be exact, and I've seen a bunch of odd stuff. Most frightening has to be the ad for Spirit Now psychic readings. The entire commercial consists of a "woman" who sounds like Ned from South Park promising that she can talk to your dead relatives. Much rather a Girls Gone Wild spot.
  • "Downers" RIP to the 4 Oakland officers killed over the weekend. Really a sad story. More sad, however, is the fact that this isn't something uncommon. I'm not sure how the killer got an assault rifle and hollowpoint rounds - actually I am, this is America - but this whole episode really speaks to the disgusting obsession we have with firearms in this country. Ever since the 2nd Amendment was misconstrued to allow Chets in Arkansas to stock more weapons than a Moroccan militia, things have gone horribly wrong. There are over 200 million firearms legally in the US.....and there are only 300 million people. In places like Arizona, you can own assault weapons and carry handguns in plain sight. Makes no sense.
  • "Brackets" First off, screw USC for choking down the stretch yesterday and Wake Forest for sucking in general. I could've had a perfect Sweet 16 if not for them. I can't imagine watching the tournament w/o filling out a bracket. It makes the games like Arizona-Cleveland State actually enjoyable.
  • "Intelligence" Whitney Young is a magnet school, but....... Rule #1 of hotel parties: No more than 10 people.

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