Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/24/09

  • "C-Sections" I understand that childbirth is a beautiful thing and all, but, until my own seed(s) is ready to enter the world, I'd prefer to stay as far away from the delivery room as possible. My play aunt (*ask your closest black friend if you are befuddled. If I'm your closest black friend, well, it's one of your mom's best friends.) Wink McCain gave birth to a boy named Travis this morning. My play uncle Larry got the whole procedure on camera and it was gruesome. Lot of squeals, then they pulled little T-Mac out straight Mario 2 style and then passed him down the assembly line. It was tripped out.
  • "Sweet Maple Cafe" There's no accent on the sign either, so cut me some slack. Anyway, me and momma went to brunch here after the C-section and it's delicious. Plus, the finest waitress I've ever seen served us. I demanded she be tipped 40%......of a $20 tab.
  • "NIT" I stayed up until 1:30 am watching a 2nd-round NIT game yesterday. As asinine as that sounds, it wasn't just any NIT game though. It was Davidson vs. St. Marys Stephen Curry vs. Patrick Mills. And if you don't know who Patrick Mills is, YouTube him. Dude can hoop.
  • "Ice Cube" The Angriest Black Man in American circa 1993 was in heavy rotation yesterday on the stereo, Death Certificate especially. 80% of his music before 1996 would never get a major-label distribution deal now. Example A: "So don't follow me up and down your market/Or your little chop suey ass'll be a target"
  • "Idiots" No offense to anybody at Notre Dame I know, so pretty much just Celeste's boyfriend, but this is the most retarded shit ever. What, do Notre Dame people think their rejection of Barack's plan to speak at their commencement will spark a worldwide resurgence of pro-life sentiment? He's the most famous man in the world for Christ's sakes! If they don't want you to speak, Barack, and I know you're reading this, you can come to Evanston all day any day.

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a squad said...

the curry-mills game somehow lived up to the hype. which is weird, too, cuz how often is there any hype at all for an NIT game? i just hope we haven't seen the last of steph.