Monday, March 30, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/30/09

  • "Crushed Dreams" I was leading the FoHo pool for the entirety of the tournament...until last night. I was looking like a cheater genius with my pick of Oklahoma over Louisville in the national championship game. Well, L-Ville decided to forget how to shoot and Blake Griffin's teammates played like 5th graders Sunday and I now sit in 6th place.
  • "Duke" I may actually not boo them now.
  • "Scholarships" It's nice to win them, but I'm so tired of filling out applications and writing essays about "why I want to be a journalist" I don't know what to do. My mom pretty much ruined my break by greeting me with a kiss and a handful of apps. One was even from an horse-racing organization. I swear to fo' God I'm not even lying.
  • "Luck" In 201-2 this afternoon, we were each assigned a publication we have to draft a mock story idea for by Wednesday. The publications were numbered 1-19 and the teacher went around the table counting us off. I got 11, a number I like, and "Grand: The Magazine For Grandparents", a magazine I probably won't like. Any ideas for a story are more than welcome in the comments section.
  • "Courage" People in Naperville lack it, at least the ones running the schools. Plans to have Bill Ayers speak were scrapped amid pressure from people who disagree with his Weather Underground involvement. It's pretty sad that someone, who never harmed anyone, can't escape something 35 years in the past. Just b/c you disagree with someone's political view doesn't mean you should prevent other people (especially kids who have no idea about his ideology) from getting to hear that person's POV and formulating their own opinions.

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Casey Blue said...

as someone who dressed up as a g-ma for halloween/considers herself an 85-yr-old on the inside, may i suggest that prunes, orthopedic gym shoes, metamusil, and werther's butterscotch candies all make an appearance in your story?

also, word to your post on bill -- he's a family friend :)