Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/3/09

  • "Networking" I'm slowly learning not to be afraid to abuse family connections for personal gain. Big ups to Uncle Joel, a screenwriter in LA, for hooking me up with Duane Adler. "Writer of Save The Last Dance and Step Up" looks a lot better on a source list than "part-time actor".........and yes, I was as shocked as you may be to know that the picture above is that of Duane. Not exactly what my incredibly stereotypical mind had in, well, mind.
  • "Water" I'm not making light of a really bad situation. These guys are probably dead, and their families deserve nothing but compassion. But, this is precisely why I don't really get down with bodies of water larger than the pool at SPAC. I can swim, but that doesn't make the ocean - even Lake Michigan - any less intimidating. People can disappear w/o a trace there a little too easily for my taste. If I ever were to drown (the #2 worst way to die behind being drawn and quartered), I'd at least want them to be able to fish me out.
  • "McNuggets" Yes, they are that good. I fully understand this woman's relentless hysteria when she hit the Golden Arches only to find no McNuggets. As a side note, I'm very pleased to see the Recession Value Meal is back at Micky D's.
  • "Hype" I don't know about these. The black joints are decent, but it's a little too Marty McFly/Nike Hyperdunk for my taste.
  • "Fuckery"

    This has been making the rounds on most of the hip-hop blogs that matter. Dude has some funny lines, but I can't help but think he's only half-serious about this track and video. Jay Electronica, and most of the other cats he clowns (Q-Tip!?, Lupe!!?, Mos Def!!!?), would lyrically Damon Jones him.

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