Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/5/09

  • "March" It's supposed to be beautiful until Sunday in Crook Cook County, and you can see it people's demeanor. People only say "fuck you" once when you jaywalk on Sheridan, the salad guy at Plex actually made eye contact with people at lunch, etc. The only drawback is that I have to go out tonight, just b/c I whined all winter about not wanting to be out in the cold. Mark II Lounge here I come. *And eff that little groundhog too. 6 more weeks my ass.*
  • "T.O." Puhleeese Jerry Angelo. Please sign him.
  • "Monkeys" It escapes me how you can put yourself in a position to get beat down by a monkey. Especially when they aren't in the wild. I can understand getting jumped on in the rainforest or Zimbabwe, not your dumb-ass friend's house. And how does getting jumped on by a chimp make you tough!? You got beat up, essentially, by a un-evolved (word?) version of yourself.
  • "Intelligence" Or lack there of. Tom Dart has been County Sheriff for a while, so you'd think he'd be smarter than this. Was this announcement just geared towards the local Mormon constituency? I've seen people offering Persian rugs on Craigslist for a little cooch, and I don't get paid to prosecute people. Next week's announcement: eBay biggest source of fake sneakers.
  • "Laziness" I'm a huge LDRS fan and have been since, what, sophomore year. But out of that love comes a little criticism today. This new "Home & Away" shit is lazy. Plain and simple. I'm not expecting patent leather, strapped, glittery stuff, but I could've designed these shits. Now that I think about it, why didn't I?

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