Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/6/09

  • "Apprehension" I'm going to see Watchmen tonight at 8:15 p.m., something a lot of people never thought would happen. There've been several attempts to do film adaptations of the book that have died in the boardroom, mostly b/c of the sheer artistic scale of the novel. Watchmen was often referred to as the "unmakeable movie". Anyone who's read the book will understand why; there's so much explicit and hidden material in each frame, the nearly 3-hour Zack Snyder flick probably still won't do it justice. I respect Snyder for trying though, and I'm glad he stayed true to the story and the sex and the violence and the tone. Watchmen isn't a fairy tale, which is why it bothers me when it gets bad reviews for being "dark" or "dystopic". What has worried me is the fact that Alan Moore still wants nothing to do with the movie. It doesn't speak well to your film when the writer of the book disowns it. That's like Jesus and Mary Magdalene bashing Passion of Christ in the paper......though Jesus probably should've scolded Mel Gibson for improper representation.
  • "Clowns" I've said this before, but I came across this cover of NY Mag a few hours ago and it terrified me. I hate clowns. They're my biggest phobia, more than heights. They suck. There's nothing amusing, lighthearted, festive or whatever stupid ass adjective you want to attach about clowns. They're sparsely-haired old men with ghost-white faces and permanent smiles. Bad teeth also seem to be a prerequisite. Just as a heads-up, if anybody gets the genius idea to buy a cheap clown mask and play a prank on me, Tom Skilling says there's an 85% chance of showers of fists and elbows.

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