Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting The Axe

I woke up this morning unhappy. It was 8 am and colder than it should be. Then, I checked my email. That made me more than unhappy, I didn't even know how to feel.

Here's an excerpt from the message Blogger sent me this morning:
"...due to reported copyright infringement and malicious material, this URL will be deactivated effective 11 P.M. EST. Blogger is a free service, yet we hold true to standards of legality and safety."

If I said I was shocked, I'd be making the biggest understatement of all time. If I said I was upset, I'd be selling my anger short. I've never reacted so viscerally to something. I'm kicking my dresser and turning over my chair in rage while the good folks at Blogger probably sent out 1000 more of the exact same, automated death letters.

It's amazing how attached to this whole Top 5 thing I've become.

It's less so the work I put in to it - the streaming music and download links (which turned out to be the cause of this having to come to an end), the videos, the ads, the quotes, the logo - than the joy I got out of it. You guys visited my little site nearly 20,000 times since July, and I've never felt more proud to write than when you all give me feedback (positive or negative).

This got bigger than I ever imagined and 10 posts couldn't express how crushed I am by this. Some of you may be asking why I don't just re-up everything with a new URL after this gets the axe. Well, it just wouldn't feel right. "My Daily Top 5" was something, and trying to replicate that in this cyber cat-and-mouse game with Blogger would be forced.

Maybe I'll start a new site with a new concept, I don't know. It'll take some thought. I just want to let each and every one of you for your support, readership, and love. Until later.



Anonymous said...

Of course this would happen on April Fools' Day...that sucks man, I always enjoyed reading this.

DSD said...

Lmfao, you're good. But everyone knows blogger just shuts your site down without notifying you.