Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Take That Back

So I was going to take the day off, but I just got back from a walk w/Mila and found this on my Facebook wall from Chuka. The Pope goes to Africa, probably in his mind to save all the poor darkies and get some brownie (no pun intended........in more ways than one) points with the UN, and tells these people not to use condoms!? Condoms make HIV/AIDS worse!??!?!?! Really?!

This man has the ears, hearts, and minds of at least 50 million people. Probably could be 10 times that. It's more dangerous than any WMD for him to spew misinformation like condoms increase the risk of AIDS. I know one thing that increases the risk of HIV/AIDS: it's called stupidity. And it looks like The Pope has it in spades. Maybe he should get tested. Ain't like the Catholic Church is the most heterosexual institution in the world either.

This is just a rant, I don't hate religion. It just frustrates me. For all the positivity and good values it teaches, there are things like this (and this) that are both patently false and inhuman. People fuck. A lot. So yes, for there to be no AIDS, everyone would have to stop fucking. But we all know that never will happen. What is he gonna say to the world next, let's end diabetes by not eating anymore?

Enjoy your St. Patty's Day, b/c I sure will. And next time I get lucky enough to use a condom, I'm dedicating it to his Holiness.

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DSD said...

Hahaha, popes have done worse.