Thursday, April 30, 2009

After-School Special

So I ran into a little free time before I hit the J.O.B. this afternoon. Not enough for a full post, but enough to share a couple videos that caught my eye in the past 12 hours.

This first one comes courtesy of Brittany Mason (check out her Tumblr, by the way).

First off, the opening - "The jambalaya wasn't the only thing jumping today on Lake Street" - and the sign out - "I guess the moral of the story here is that you do not mess with hungry niggas people." C'mon, you know on the first take the reporter definitely said "hungry niggas".

And can I just say that I totally understand these people's frustration. The 'Sota, at least from what I'd gather, isn't a fried chicken hotspot. So when there's limited wings and you offer 8 of them shits for $5, best believe people will be excited. I'm no business major, but I do believe that if that is the only Popeye's in the state (!!!!!!! What a horrible place to live!!!!) that's called a fuckin monopoly. A monopoly dammit, and if there's a sale you probably shouldn't cause a near riot by not participating.

Of course, my people defeated this logic by still buying up all the overpriced chicken. Moving on....

Here's B-Rock demolishing the undefeated national champion UConn Lady Huskies in P-I-G. Nothing against Barack's skills, but it's hard for me to believe these chicks were trying. They were taking jumpers in heels for Christ's sakes! I won't step on the court if my shoes are a half-size too big/small, let alone if my shoes have 3-inch platforms coming out the back.

All's I'm sayin is that I find it very difficult to believe that the best women's team in the land would genuinely lose a shooting contest to a middle-aged man with as much basketball experience as I have. People can get lucky, but it doesn't usually happen with the cameras rolling.

It's still pretty cool that our President has a jumper though.