Monday, April 13, 2009


Since everyone else is throwing around their endorsements of ASG candidates, I figured I'd get into the swing of it too. Now, I know I said I was "voting for the black guy" (and that was even before I knew a black guy was running), but I'm supporting Mike McGee for reasons other than melanin count.

He's displayed the only genuine concern for issues of minority enrollment and representation I've seen from any candidate. Low colored folk numbers on campus are a problem, a big one, and I can't see Bill Pulte or that other guy taking it seriously if they were to win on Wednesday. I'm not basing this on any facts, but this is a blog not a newspaper so kiss my also black ass. All I've heard Bill Pulte get excited about is allowing for us to spend more of our parents money to buy poorly-wrapped burritos at Chipotle with our WildCards. If that and full-alcohol amnesty are more important than a concerted effort to get more racial and socio-economic diversity on this campus, then I might just have to transfer. Qdoba is better anyways, shit.

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