Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/8/09

  • "Big Jim"
    God I love baseball season.
  • "Pirates" The headline of the Huffington Post today read "US Navy vs. Pirates". Excuse me, but what century are we in? That sounds more like a straight-to-DVD movie or a flash game on Plus, you'd think the most powerful naval force in the history of the world would be able to handle pirate ships. That's like the Air Force getting attacked by a zeppelin.
  • "Quigs" Congrats are in order for Mike Quigley. He won the 5th District race yesterday. I'm a little jealous of Meghan and Aly b/c "my dad's a Congressman" is so much cooler than "my dad's an optometrist."
  • "Air Yeezys" I personally would never camp out for 36 hours for a shoe, as much as I love sneakers. But I understand the huge buzz. A lot of it was hypebeast following, but I checked this video out and the design that went into this shoe was incredible. Glow in the dark soles for Christ's sake. Too bad they are all gone.
  • "Rock The Bells" The lineup just came out this week. Even though I'll be there at the Chicago show just like last year, this year's acts don't compare. At least to me. Last year the god Rakim, Red and Meth, Pharcyde, Tribe, and Nas ripped it. This year, all I'm excited about really is Big Boi, KRS-One, The Roots, Mickey Factz, and the inevitable Supernat I guess I am pretty excited after all.

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