Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/13/09

  • "Schedules" I know it's been a while. My schedule this quarter just isn't conducive to daily posts. I have class till 4 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and work till 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, from now until June, I'll be posting weekend editions on Saturdays to make up for my inability to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • "College Decisions" It just hit me how fast this school year is going by. Congrats to all the WPCP seniors getting their college acceptance letters in. Especially those getting in to Northwestern (Blake, Veronica, Dominic, I know I'm forgetting others but props to you all too).
  • "Visitors" As some of you may know, I had friends from home come up and kick it Saturday night. They had a good time, but one enjoyed himself a little too much. I didn't plan on spending my night at the Sigma party pulling him off girls with longtime boyfriends that were in the room nor did I think I'd be helping carry his 220-pound ass back to his car at 2 am and walking back to Bobb alone singing Robin Thicke songs.
  • "Fuckery" Fuckery on the high seas to be exact. I just went to the Tribune website and under the Breaking News header it reads "Pirates vow revenge". Really? Why is this news? They are pirates. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys kicked pirates' asses, certainly our Navy can.
  • "Honesty" It amazes me the extent to which people will embarrass themselves in the media. Another gem from the Tribune, a guy wrote in to the 'Ask Amy' complaining b/c he didn't know whether to give up weed or let his girlfriend leave him. Now I have probably thousands of words to say about this, but I'll offer only a few bits of commentary. One, his girlfriend should ask herself if her nagging is the reason he's constantly chiefing. Two, this guy is "19 years old and letting her stay in his apartment" so he really can do w/e the hell he wants to. Especially if she isn't paying any rent. And finally, you can't get addicted to weed. Doesn't happen. There's chemical proof showing that there isn't anything addictive in THC. I always wonder if weed-bashers ever consider the fact that laughing at stuff (regardless of whether or not it's funny) and eating your favorite snacks all night is fun. Very fun. I drink orange juice every day b/c it tastes good and dilutes my pee, so I must be addicted to Tropicana.

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