Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/17/09

  • "Napoleon" Aka Bill Pulte. By now, you've all heard (if you go to Northwestern) about the whole campaign violation fiasco. Really huge coincidence that this leaked minutes before polls opened early this morning. Now, I know for a fact that some of the "libel" in Safdari's email is the truth. I saw Pulte campaigners carrying laptops, and I saw off-campus chalking. But besides all that, the most honest thing Safdari said was that Pulte's an "evil genius" and a douchebag. Reputation is key, and Pulte's isn't the best. It's a shame that such shiesty politricks have found their way into something as trivial as campus elections. I'd like to know exactly how many people received the initial Safdari email. Probably can count them on one hand, b/c he sent it to close friends. I wonder who the Judas is? Pulte can sit on a fist.
  • "Boredom" I miss it. I was on the move for 11 hours straight yesterday; a combo of class, work, and FMO all consecutively. Today I have a business meeting, an interview, a paper to write, and laundry to do. Tomorrow, a poster board. Sunday, well Sunday I'll be at O'Hare at 8:30 am greeting prospies, and I won't rest until midnight. FML.
  • "KG" He's not from Chicago, and so I've never understood why he gets so much love here. Anyways, he's out for the playoffs and I couldn't be happier. Bulls in 7. You read it here first.
  • "FYI" I won't comment on the homophobia, nor the sheer ridiculousness of a karaoke bar having pride. What I will say is this: If you have to have a neon sign assuring people that you aren't a gay bar, then you're probably a gay bar.
  • "4/20" I have more than an ounce of excitement in anticipation of the best holiday of the year. On top of the recreation, Asher Roth and Cudi both drop stuff that day, plus I get to stuff myself with pancakes at 3Delta. All this coming at the same time I get to host a prospie. It's gonna be a great day.


Jon Eng said...

Asher Roth leaked already.. just letting you know.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Yeah I got it yesterday. I like it though so I wanted to encourage people to go out and buy it

Jon Eng said...

Real talk