Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/24/09

  • "Heat" It's amazing how happy people are when it's nice outside. The weather people are saying today could set a record high temperature. That's not really the coolest record, but I can't be mad at 80 degrees.
  • "The Bulls" Love them to death, but they frustrate me to no end. Should've won 2 in Boston, but they let the momentum from Jesus' big shot to spill over to Game 3. The Bulls got dominated in every phase of the basketball game last night. 22 turnovers, 35% shooting; with numbers like that I'm surprised they only lost by 20. Hopefully they show up Sunday, b/c if not, I can't see them winning the series. And that means I'll owe Alex dinners from Buff Joes. We all know I can't have that.
  • "Kanye"

    The video for "Amazing" came out a little while ago. Opinions?
  • "Kinkos" Huge scam. The guy at the Norris location gave me a discount b/c I made 150 copies, but I still spent 80 dollars on copies in the last two days. Tis for a good cause, though.
  • "Flyers" I walked past an ad for some theater group in Jones today and almost spit up. It's called "Rope", and there's an almost-noose and a tagline reading "Murder Can Be Art Too" on the flyer. Really? Nobody else gets a little uneasy looking at this. I can't really support a play about hanging people. Did nobody bring up the whole lynching thing during the idea process? Please tell me you all have seen these flyers too.

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Anonymous said...

Kanye's a genius, the modern day Mike Jackson, the end.