Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/27/09.......What A Weekend

  • "Emotions" I've never gone through such drastic a set of ups and downs as I did this past weekend. Friday, I went from Christmas-morning-as-a-child giddiness over my Blu Lounge event to sitting in the alley behind BK telling a bum I was literally as broke as him. Lost nearly $400 that night. Saturday, I went from that quasi-depression to somewhat excited after Alex confirmed the tickets to the Bulls/Celtics game. Sunday, that somewhat excited turned into Price-Is-Right-just-won-a-yacht excitement after Ben Gordon became a Bulls playoff legend (and that's not an overstatement). Later Sunday night, all that excitement went down the drain after I realized I'd lost my $150 set of dorm keys. I seriously contemplated whoring myself out. But the step show/chair orgy and Alpha probate provided some escape. Can't wait till The Keg tonight.
  • "Ben Gordon" The Bulls have to re-sign him. Have to. It's a shame b/c they likely won't at the money he'll demand, but they have to try. They're paying Kirk Hinrich elite money for mediocre play - except on defense, I'll give Kirk that - and so it's understandable that the Bulls' best scorer wants to get his too. At maybe 6'2", it blows my mind how good Ben Gordon is on the offensive end. Sure he can't dribble or play defense, that's not what he's out there to do. This is. He's been shredding a good Celtics defense all series and I can't see Derrick Rose or John "Please Don't Pass Me The Ball" Salmons filling that void consistently.
  • "Swine" I don't really understand these animal influenzas (bird, swine, etc.), nor do I understand how people get them. Can pigs get human diseases? Can a bird get herpes? Maybe, instead of quarantining these infected people and animals, we should fight biological warfare with biological warfare. Obama needs to sack up and initiate a preemptive strike against these mammals of mass destruction. Where's Baby Bush when you need him? He'd keep us safe from Saddam Husswine, who's obviously behind all of this.
  • "Fuckery" Noting T-Pain, Kanye, Drake ,Weezy and other miscellaneous nigros' success reaching a huge audience through Auto-Tune, none other than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has reissued his "I Have A Dream" speech to connect with a new audience. Looks like the world really is going to end in 2012.
  • "Hopes" I was hoping to cop these Air CB 34s this week with the money made at Blu Lounge. But, we know how that went. Hopefully I can get the ducats necessary by the summertime.

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DSD said...

yeah. Shit's rough. Last weekend was like a dirty eastern European prostitute. We fucked with it and got burned, but we learned from experience and it's hard to do worse next time... it's (almost)all good.