Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/29/09

  • "Housing" Really excited about my dorm situation next year. I got the last 2nd floor room in FoHo, plus it's pretty much going to be the blackest place (yes, this includes Sam Lo) on campus per capita outside of football practices. No security guard, minimal CAs, an actual lounge and good friends makes FoHo better than Bobb next year.
  • "The Bulls" I'm going to keep this short, b/c I have very few good things to say at this point. You cannot give away double-digit leads in the playoffs. Can't do it. I really hope Rajon Rondo has paid his bail for the aggravated assault of Brad Miller's upper lip. Not saying he's a bitch, but he does look like a female alien and that's as close as most convicts come to a girl in prison.
  • "Cooch" When/if I have a son, he's going to play sports. A lot. I hope he likes them as much as I do, but I'm going to break it down to little man at a very young age just why I had him skip the ice cream social for his baseball tournament. Cooch, son. Cooch, free education, cars; that's even if you ride the bench and/or play for Northwestern. That would've motivated me to take my high school career more seriously.
  • "Product Placement" I'm a huge fan of Vitamin Water; the new Truvia-sweetened 10 calorie Vitamin Water to be specific. But this is too much. Aside from 50 Cent, Big Papi, and Brian Urlacher, I can't see why anyone on earth would rock a Vitamin Water fitted cap. C'mon, it has actual vitamin names on the hat!
  • "Cudi" If you haven't already downloaded it, go get the new KiD CuDi tape Dat Kid From Cleveland. There's some recycled stuff, but there's more new material. The first 5 tracks are album quality in my opinion. He's not the best lyricist, but he makes great music. Sounds familiar...


sam said...

that web site is hilarious!

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

snacks and shit? yea i check it religiously it's awesome