Monday, May 11, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/11/09

  • "Fuckery" I woke up this morning and went through my normal, boring Monday routine. I grabbed a paper at Sargant and waited while I talked with Q the omelet guy. I snatched a RedEye today b/c I only had 20 minutes to eat, and the celebrity back page was dominated by the Nick Cannon vs. Eminem "beef". More interesting was the huge photo of Em and...uh....Marlon Wayans that accompanied it. Somebody messed up.
  • "Wanda Sykes" I thought she'd died or had a baby (Actually......let's go with adopted. She's rich and funny, but she looks like a Muppet.) to be honest. Had anyone heard from Wanda since her failed TV show? Well boy did she ever make a comeback. I'm glad to see that the people running the country have enough of a sense of humor to allow for a little partisan joking. She didn't go very hard on Rush Limbaugh either, trust me. Watch one of her comedy specials and you'll agree.
  • "War" I had to learn about this during a current events quiz in journalism class today. A US soldier gunned down 5 comrades today over at a base in Iraq. Terrible story. I don't really want to delve into any humorous pop culture references, despite my instincts urging me too, b/c I'd rather not offend anyone and get shut down (for real) for being a terrorist lover/America hater.
  • "Mark Cuban" Dude is a bitch, and the teams he puts together are a buncha bitches built around a con woman-loving bitch. Stop griping about a no-call on a touch foul and talking junk to people's moms. I really hope they get swept and Kenyon Martin "takes care of him" in the manner I think he's referring to.
  • "Nike" Best commercials in the world since Mars Blackmon.

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sam said...

reminiscent of the lil penny commercials