Friday, May 15, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/15/09

  • "Charles Barkley" Probably my favorite retired basketball player not named Michael Jordan. I'd kill a man or two to get to interview Sir Charles b/c he's a quote goldmine. May I also say that he's criminally underrated. Really. Dude was like 6'4", played power forward during the NBA's best years, and averaged 22 points and 12 boards for his career. Crazy. If only he was that any good at golf. Duck down!

    Charles Barkley almost killing a Bama fan.

  • "Game Food" The Big Lead put out their top 5 game-watching foods. It's respectable. Wings are a prerequisite for watching a game on TV, as are chips and salsa/nachos. But where are hot dogs on this list? They should be number 3, right behind pizza (which only made it b/c of Dominos' recession special). Hot dogs are the ultimate stadium food; what else can you eat while holding a brew in the other hand and not either look like you have cerebral palsy or mess up your 2005 World Series championship shirt?
  • "Wayman Tisdale" Rest in peace. He was only 44 and succumbed to cancer today. I remember him from NBA Live 96 on Sega Genesis b/c of his cool name, and also b/c he played in a band while he was in the league. Great ambassador for the game and it's a shame he's gone.
  • "Torture" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, an alleged 9/11 mastermind was questioned about al-Qaeda ties to Iraq during his detainment blah blah blah. He was waterboarded 118 times last month!!? Got damn! So he got tortured more times than he ate, or showered, or pissed? Christ! The government is not playin.
  • "Nike" They dropped another Kobe & LeBron puppet commercial. I hope this never stops.

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