Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/20/09

  • "Elevators" I read a New Yorker feature about this guy Nick White today. Dude was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours (got damn!!). Now, I can get to thinking about some heavy stuff in the 15 6 minutes I spend lying in bed before I conk out. I can't imagine what was going through White's mind for nearly two days. Also, the article pointed out an interesting fact: w/o elevators, our society would look remarkably different. He writes that elevators are to cities what gunpowder is to war, what paper is to literacy. Think about it, w/o elevators there'd be no skyscrapers and every major city would look something like L.A. Thank god for elevators.
  • "Jay Mohr" As important as elevators are to society, comedian Jay Mohr is equally unimportant. I couldn't point this cat out of a lineup in a Compton jail. Anyways, he's catching a little heat for likening Michelle Obama to Elton Brand today. In a strictly comedic sense, this is kind of funny. But it makes me uncomfortable at the same time. D-list "comics" shouldn't get to take potshots at the First Lady, or at least have those cracks get media coverage.
  • "Melo" One of my favorite players to watch. I only got to watch him and the Thuggets when they were on ESPN or ABC or TNT, so I was geeked when they made the playoffs. Granted he did come in with Wade and LeBron, people still sleep on Melo. I've heard him be called lazy and not a winner so many times on TV it makes me sick. He's a gold medalist for Christ's sakes, and he carried Syracuse to a national championship. At 6'9" and range for days, I can't name any player in the league that can stick him.
  • "Akomplice" I never had a Swiss Army knife, and probably made fun of people who did. But, I'd definitely cop the ones in the new Akomplice x Leaders 1354 "Survival of the Fittest" pack.
  • "The Obvious" Illinois state officials ruled today that the Evanston cops who pumped 11 bullets into a man armed with a knife were "legally justified." I understand it's somebody's job to follow the police news, but this is retarded. Of course the state cops would rule in favor of EvPD. Technically, 99% of the sheisty stuff cops do is legally justified. They are the enforcement agency of the establishment that makes those rules!! This is why police terrify me. Not only do they have guns, but they have the support and legal protection from the government to use those guns as wantonly as they please. 11 shots for a guy with a knife!? That cougar that they shot last year got more mercy than that, and cougars eat people. Cube was is right.

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DSD said...

Lmfao, I just avoid the police. They scare me to no end.