Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/29/09

  • "NBA Playoffs" They are extra long, but I love it. If they added an extra series just for kicks I'd watch every game. The only thing I do get tired of is the 13 snippet of the "Amazin'" chorus they play ad nauseum. Terrible, although Kanye got paid booku money for it I guarantee. Anyways, Kno of the CunninLynguists did a parody of the commercial called "Caucausian". Hi-larious.

  • "Relapse" Can anybody tell me how this album is? I still haven't given it a shot. I've heard mostly negative things about it, and my apprehension hasn't been disproved by the singles Em's put out. God I miss these days...
  • "Bad News" The recession has officially hit home. I just saw on the Tribune website that the Calypso Cafe and Dixie Kitchen lost their lease. I've been eating at these restaurants for as long as I've been eating solid food (that's 18 years, not 3 days) and I cannot allow this to happen. Barack, you claim you love these places - you even recommended Dixie Kitchen on "Check Please" - so you better do something.
  • "Candy" I've always wanted to go to the Candy Expo at McCormick Place. I just never had the balls or time to. I always imagined it filled with Bebe's kids and sex-offenders-to-be. Hard to enjoy my sweets in that kind of environment. However, the picture above would make it all worth it. Apparently, the Crackhead candy bar works almost as well as crack. Eating a box of them will pump as much caffeine as 8 Red Bulls into your system.
  • "Fuckery" So the cover of Rolling Out magazine (I've never heard of nor seen it either, don't fret) features Soulja Boy this month. Nothing shocking, he's a popular guy. What it says, however, is asinine. "How Soulja Boy Saved Hip Hop". Word? So they let cover artists write their own headlines now too? I haven't read the article, but my imagination isn't wild enough to dream up any evidence ROMag could have to support this statement. Feel free to try and read it if you dare please.


Miles said...

relapse is a good album, and a bad eminem album.

if that makes any sense.


sam said...

summery of article:

While no one will directly credit Soulja Boy with the recent success of other rappers who have been signed to major labels after gaining a heavy Internet buzz, there’s no denying that he helped to forever alter the way that music marketing is perceived.

we all know he didn't change hip hop music (at least for the better), but he did change the game.