Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily Top 5 (Cassie, Cassie, Cassie, Cassie, Cassie)>>> 5/8/09

I've gone through life pretty comfortable with my godlessness. The idea of a something controlling everything and doling out miracles based on merit just didn't click with me. Until last night.

If you haven't heard, now you've seen. If you've heard and seen (and seen, and seen, and seen), now you can see again...............

.............................I bring

They said it would never happen, and I agreed. But, miracles do happen after all.

Let me clue you all in to how Earth-shatteringly monumental this is. This is bigger than the Dead Sea Scrolls, more important than discovering the Ark of the Covenant. This is a watershed moment in human history. 50 years from now, you can ask me where I was when the Cassie naked pictures came out and I'll be able to tell you I was on the couch b/t Chris and Kamau at 11:17 pm Central Time.

I still cannot believe this is happening. Anywhere you catch me, if you asked me "What do you want right this very moment?", my answer would be "Cassie naked pictures." Walking down Sheridan, in class, putting air in my bike tires, shelving books at Norris, I don't care what situation I was in, my answer would be the same: "Cassie naked pictures." Salma Hayek could be standing in front of me in this and ask me what I want, I'm sayin "Cassie naked pictures".

Somebody, somewhere, up there answered my prayer.

These are real photos by the way. It's actually a genius marketing ploy. By no small coincidence, Cassie's new album drops in June. I'm buying it. If this one sells, she can make another one in the future.....which means more nudie pictures.


DSD said...

I saw this yesterday and I almost screamed. I've been waiting for this for fucking ever. Woooooooooow. I hope this is the end of my unlucky streak... it just has to be.

DSD said...

*I did scream.