Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/28/09

  • "Tonsils" I learned at the hospital over the weekend that mine are defective. As many times as I've been told to say "Ahhhh" at the doctor's office, I wonder how it took damn near 20 years for somebody to notice that I have cryptic tonsils (sounds worse than it is).
  • "Pharmaceuticals" I could go on for pages about this. I learned a couple of things about medications during my hospital stay. Uno, pharmaceutical drugs are criminally overpriced. The first doctor I saw, the one who mistakenly diagnosed me with mono, prescribed me some antibiotics. The tab? $168. For 10 pills. Insanity. There's no reason for medicine to cost that much. However, I will say that I understand why these shiesty drug companies get away with peddling "health" to the sick at higher prices than any street drug. Those hospital drugs work. Well. When I was admitted to the hospital late Saturday night, the man-nurse told me that the half-ounce of clear liquid he was putting in my IV would make me feel better in two minutes. My jaw was swollen shut, but I wanted to say "Yeah, right". Two minutes later I was on a different planet.
  • "The Hospital" Possibly the worst place in the world. White, sanitized, beeping hell on Earth. And I only spent 4 days there. The most difficult thing about staying in the hospital isn't the physical stress; you get used to IVs and routine vitals checks. It's the mental part that sucks. You see awful things: really sick kids, dying old people. It's humbling. That and not knowing when anybody is going to come in to your room and examine you is unnerving. I learned to stop complaining early on though. How does it sound for me to bitch and moan about my infected jaw when my roommate, Mr. Hoskins, had a broken hip? I was getting out in 4 days, he probably won't be leaving for weeks.
  • "Prom" I know Payton's is tomorrow. I'm waiting on the 73 identical Facebook photo albums that will be up by Sunday. Have fun you all.
  • "Carlos Zambrano" Nuff said

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NSBE said...

:'( i thought you had died dall dall.but i had my tonsils taken out, not too bad...nvm-kaila