Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/10/09

  • "Live TV"

    Aside from the competition, the fun in watching sports in the fact that you get to hear a couple "fucks", "shits" and "bitches" too. You really can't expect athletes to abide by ridiculous FCC rules in the middle of or, in Ervin Santana's case, the end of a game.
  • "Live TV" Truly the gift that keeps on giving. Propers to TheBigLead for this priceless footage of this douche-and-a-half reporter giving a toddler a Shaq post move and dunk combo. Then, after this guy shakes on the rim Dwight Howard style, he gets in the tyke's face and talks shit till the little guy cries. Man, if that was me as a kid, not only would I have headbutted him in the nuts, but my pops/uncle/whatever grown man was with me woulda gave this guy a 3-piece special with extra sauce.
  • "Moving" So I'm back home now after what turned into an 8-hour packing, driving, and unpacking adventure. Like the typical freshman I am was, I brought about 96 too many things. Next year, I'm gonna go the Rikers Island route and just bring a TV, fridge, sheets, and clothes.
  • "Summer" I woke up today extra excited because I was going home and didn't have to worry about a thing until late September. Then I checked my email and remembered I'll be right back on campus in two weeks to counsel the kiddies. If anybody (and by that I actually mean anybody, not just people I like) is on campus from June 24th to July 30th, please get at me. No offense to any '09 Cherubs reading this, but kicking it with 16-17 year olds and 50+ year olds isn't how I want to spend my summer.
  • "Fuckery" So Trey Songz (with a Z) leaked an R. Kelly diss track a few days ago. Death of Kellz or D.O.K. for short. The concept of an R&B diss track is absurd in itself, but Songz' (with a Z) attempt at rapping down Robert is priceless. And I quote, "If you was to compare sales wit old Kellz, that ain't fair. Well, he's a legend but I'm fresher. Check out my dresser, I'm such a dresser." Wow. Can anybody say party for one? I haven't listened to the whole track b/c I value my time, but I could write an R. Kelly diss track right now. It'd be 5 minutes and all I'd talk about was him peeing on Aaliyah while wearing Zorro masks.

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