Friday, June 12, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/12/09

  • "Liars" So I got the Tribune this morning and there's this brown-haired white woman on the front page. That's not exactly a rare occurance, but the story is a doozy. Is there an official spelling for "doozy"? Anyways, long and very pitiful story short, this chick had a widely followed (100,000+ weekly damn!) blog detailing her struggles with pregnancy complications. She was mad pro-life, and other Bible thumpers even sold T-shirts in support of this woman and her sick unborn baby. Advertisers even wanted in. Only problem is that the whole story was made up. Pretty big fail if you ask me. Just getting outed as a liar like that on the front page of the Trib? Terrible....though she did have a million views. Hmmm, with all this said, guys I'm pregnant.
  • "Mike Vick" Now a free man, at least in an NFL player type of way. The Falcons released Vick today. Man, who woulda ever thought this day would come after he signed that $80 bazillon deal a while back. The Bears do need a better backup....
  • "Fat" 25% of adults in Illinois are considered obese. I don't know what kind of scale is being used here, but that's enough to make me turn vega pescetarian right now. To scare a little bit more, here's a map that tracks how fat our country has gotten over the last 25 years.
  • "Porn" I guarantee all of you have had this exact thought process go through your head at some point in your lives: "I like sex. I like money. Why can't I be a porn star? You get paid to be pretty and screw other (sometimes) pretty people!" Well, aside from the fact that being in pornos means your toolery is all out over the ether for guys like the dapper gentleman in the chair we just left to see, you also have to bone on things like counters and pool tables in front of 50 people. Oh, and you also could get HIV.
  • "The 90s" God I miss 90s NBA basketball. And not just for these either. Though, yeah, mostly for those. The jerseys were just amazing though. Crazy colors and graphics galore. See example A, B, and C.

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