Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/15/09

  • "JLoonz" I already know each and every one of you copped the new Looney tape over the weekend. If you didn't, here's a chance to redeem yourself.
  • "Kobe" I'm not the biggest fan, but that's mostly b/c whenever he's mentioned the words "Michael" and "Jordan" aren't far behind. That doesn't sit well with me. I can't deny his talent though. He put up Nintendo numbers in the Finals, and 4 rings is impressive Shaq or no Shaq. Congrats to him and especially Phil on the 'chip.
  • "Bryce Harper" Long story short: This kid is 16, built like a 22 year old, and the LeBron James of high school baseball. Albeit with metal bats, he has 500 ft home run power. He also throws in the 90s. I repeat, he takes steroids is 16. Anyways, this kid and his parents are saying eff school and where's the cash at. He's dropping out, getting a GED, and going to junior college in hopes of getting drafted next year.
  • "Obama" I like the guy don't get me wrong. However, his cool and calm under pressure is getting a little extreme. If health care is a "ticking time bomb", shouldn't you, i don't know, fix that? Please B-Rock? Pretty please? He's only been Prez for a handful of months, but with a brain-dead Republican Party and heavily Democratic House 'o Reps, why the hell haven't there been sweeping changes?
  • "Vic Mensa" Many propers to this kid. I don't know him personally or much about him, but I do know he can rap his ass off. He runs with Naledge; if that name is unfamiliar, please download this tape immediately and I might forgive you. Anyways, Vic can't be more than 16 or 17, but he kicked the best verse of the night at Josie's party/concert/promo event. I don't understand how he can't get on the radio, but that goof with the scarf on indoors can get a mixtape with Drama.


J Freund said...

yo man about senor BO not getting on his shit, i just watched this episode of Bill Maher on HBO and he said some good stuff. it was at the very end of his segment. not sure how to get you the clip (slash don't want to try). but u should find it. i think it was from last friday and the guests were larry king and chris matthews among others.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Word? I'll definitely look for that. Gotta be on YouTube somewhere.