Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/2/09

  • "Free Food" This is the only thing on Earth I enjoy more than food. There's something about free food that just makes it taste better. It might be the not paying part. Still, I was at Norris as close to noon as possible today to make sure I ate my fill of the mediocre burgers and dogs and watermelon. Much love to RHA. I only have 6 cafeteria meals left to spread across 8 days, so every freebie counts.
  • "Indians" I saw a kid rocking a Cleveland Indians cap today on Sheridan. I really feel bad for Indians. First off, they're called Indians and have been for centuries despite being thousands of miles from any kind of India. In the space of 500 years, they lost 99.98% (I counted) of some of the planet's most fertile land. They were like the O.G. genocide victims but nobody pays attention. Instead we celebrate one of the guys with the blood on his hands every year. Finally, on top of all that, we have sports teams like the Indians and the Redskins. Every black comic has done a bit on this, so I'll stop here. But damn, Indians have it rough.
  • "Tattoos" Nothing against them, I have one myself. I am against retarded tattoos, though. If I'm going to put something on my body that won't come off w/o painful removal procedures, it's going to be something dope. Something like this blog's logo. NBA players, I guess, can afford to think differently.
  • "Lionel Messi" There are only a few excuses for a grown man not being able to hold is liquor. Luckily for Messi, being the best player on Barcelona is one of those excuses.
  • "Cops" First off, RIP to the CPD who was killed yesterday. As much as they try to disprove it, cops are humans too and nobody deserves to die for nothing. Moving on, the scumbag who stomped a chick out at a bar b/c she wouldn't slide him his 8th Guinness was found guilty today of aggravated battery. My guess on the sentence is like 3 months and probation. Another case of the system policing itself.

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