Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/23/09

  • "Hustles" In a strange turn of events, after I put Reese's cups in the Top 5 yesterday I came home with 12 packs of them. Me, Kirk, Shaun, and Darrius, sat in White Castle on 35th and King Drive last night taking advantage of the 10-sack for $5 deal. This grimey dude with a gym bag popped a squat right next to us and started talking about how he was gonna bless us with stolen candy for the low-low. I was disinterested at best, with 10 sliders in my tummy, until he said he had 6-packs of Reese's cups for $2. I looked at him like he said he had Cassie naked pictures, and then said "I'll take two bro."
  • "The Spurs" Man, they are gonna be pretty good next year.
  • "Fight Night" It comes out Thursday, but I can't contain my excitement till then. Tyson and Ali in the same game. Oh man. I may have sold my XBOX, but the FoHo social fund better have $60 set aside to cop this.
  • "Neda" This Iran situation is pretty bad. Somebody getting shot on the street isn't exactly a rare occurrence, but it's sad nonetheless. If you haven't seen the video, check it out at your own risk here. Obama is, of course, outraged. Understandable, I just wish CPS students getting shot down like animals in the streets meant as much to him as the U.S. friendly, anti-Ahmadinejad demonstrators.
  • "Coach Fitz" Fitz got a 7-year extension today. I don't know for how much, but trust it's a lot. Dude is a god in Evanston, and as long as he can keep NU Football playing at at least .500, he'll have a job and all the adulation he can handle.


DSD said...

They make it look like the police shot her, but it was a pro government militia. Still bogus tho.
And as for the actual rioters, i'd beat the shit out of someone if they threw a big ass rock at me.

Vanessa said...

i missed reading this blog! aahahah youre a sucker for candy i see.