Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/25/09

  • "Roger Boye" If you know him, you love him. He's a simple man; not in the retarded sense, he just keeps it real. He like all things Nebraska, has unparalleled comedic timing, and lives and breathes Cherubs. Despite stressing it in journalism, expediency isn't one of his strong points. We spent 2 and a half hours this morning at a roundtable meeting discussing how we are going to battle the swine flu. Then, after lunch at Panera, we got a technology crash course that refused to end until Roger made sure everyone was up to speed. Roger could probably make Helen Keller feel comfortable using the projector system. He's that patient.
  • "Louisiana"

    I've always wanted to visit New Orleans, even post-Katrina. This video pretty much deaded all that enthusiasm, as well as convinced me that the world will in fact end on 12/21/2012. In case you were doubting what you just saw, that was indeed Hurricane Chris being honored by Louisiana's House of Reps and performing "Halle Berry (She Fine)". Props to 2DBz.
  • "Shaq" How lucky is this guy? Besides being a Top 3 all-time center, and married to this woman, Shaq has gotten to play with 4 of the best guards of our generation. Penny, Kobe, D Wade, and now LeBron. I still don't see Cleveland winning it all next year.
  • "The Beach" Was there with C Byrd, Darrius, and Mariqua (if you used your real name on Facebook, I wouldn't be doubting this spelling) for hours yesterday. All I'll say is that it's a wonderful place.
  • "The Obvious" When I read on The Huffington Post today that L'Oreal was found guilty of racial discrimination, I was perplexed. It seemed a little obvious that the cosmetics company had no interest in black or brown beauty not named Beyonce Knowles (whose skin was lightened on an ad) . But on top of that, L'Oreal only wanted "BBR" makeup sellers: meaning "bleu, blanc, rouge", the colors of the French flag and code for white people only.

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