Monday, June 29, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/29/09

"Brazil" Yesterday's FIFA final was a hell of a match. I can admit to thinking the U.S. had no shot - and then flip-flopping when Landon Donovan put them up 2-0 - and that's precisely why I can't say that they choked. Brazil just flat-out beat the U.S. I know giving up a 2-goal lead in the 2nd half is bad, but it's not like Brazil wasn't supposed to win. Brazil is a better team. A lot better. 2nd place in the FIFA Confederations Cup ain't bad, let's just hope this success translates to next summer.

  • "John Danks" A Cub killer. He beat them twice this year. Words can't explain how happy I was watching the Cubbies implode in the 6th and Carlos Zambrano show, once again, how nutty he is.
  • "Camp" The journalism campers got in yesterday and all hell broke loose. 83 high schoolers playing guitar, getting lost, and gossiping from 8 in the a.m. to 11 in the p.m. It's fun though. I feel a bit old too, I know that sounds weird since I'm only 3 years older than them, but essentially being their guardian is the most responsibility I've ever had.
  • "Salvation Army" I was kicked out of the Evanston office this morning, probably on suspicion of fraud. Long story short: I played President Obama and a Jonas brother today in some faux "breaking news skits'' for the campers. To have access to social services at the Evanston Salvation Army, you need proof of income and Evanston residence. I had neither. All I had was the skit story; and now it makes sense why the secretary looked at me like I was cracked out and asked me to leave.
  • "Madoff" Got Damn!!!

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