Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/3/09

  • "Relief" I presented my final project in journalism class this morning. From now until at least December, I don't have to do anything Medill related. It feels oh so good.
  • "Ghostface" If I had to choose a favorite out of the Wu-Tang - which is about as easy as picking a favorite out of this ad - it'd be Ghost. Supreme Clientele brought the Wu back to life in 2000, and he's just dope. Plain and simple. Anyways, I ran across a new track from Pretty Toney (no pause necessary if you know anything at all about rap) on The Smoking Section just now.
  • "Creative Recreation" I'm not really a fan of white on white shoes, but these are fresh. The price tag reflects that too. I'm not really sure how bad the dollar sucks at the moment, but I am sure that 235 euros ain't cheap.
  • "Corporations" This WNBA's Phoenix Mercury replaced the logo on their jerseys with that of their corporate sponsor, LifeLock. Now myself and most of you probably have no clue what LifeLock is, let alone what the WNBA is. For real though, if I was going to put a company on my jersey the logo would have to be better than just straight up words. I'd change the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo to the Captain from Captain Morgan. The LA and Sacramento Kings? The King from BK.
  • "Luxury" No offense to any of you who may have anything on Yahoo's "Accessories You Don't Need" list. Unless you bought them yourselves or bitched to your parents until they caved and dug into the trust fund to buy it. Who the hell has a soft-serve ice cream machine in their crib anyway? That's not something that signifies wealth. At least in my eyes. If I visited somebody's house and they had a soft-serve machine, my next question would be "So how long have you been a registered sex offender?"

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Dustin said...

Ha Classic, Well done sir haha well done