Monday, June 8, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/8/09

  • "Ankles" I guess potential Supreme Court Justices are regular people too. Sonia "White People Suck" Sotomayor fractured her ankle at the airport this morning at the airport. I'm gonna cry foul and assume some tourist who recognized her and didn't like that she criticizes white men gave her a little shove. That or she was racing to the airport cafe to get the last $8 yogurt parfait and didn't see the "Wet Floor" sign.
  • "Word of Mouth" Much love to Nancy Dong for hooking me up with the Bobb listserv emails. Within an hour I had 4 offers for my XBOX 360. It was all for naught b/c D1 Eversley came to Evanston this morning and bought it.
  • "Papa John's" This is gonna sound bad, but I smell an advertising scheme here. 2 guys jump a Papa John's delivery guy, steal his car, and crash it. Then his "neighbors" - maybe it's just me, but I don't even consider the mailman my neighbor, he just comes to the neighborhood every day - scrounge up 4 grand on PayPal to help this guy? It's a front page story on the Tribune. Bet Papa John's is making a killing this week.
  • "Sunglasses" Not gonna lie, I'm not the biggest fan of them. Especially the ones that make people look like Cyclops from X-Men. These Chrome Hearts ones though, I could do.
  • "Courtney Lee"

    You sir, fail.

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