Tuesday, June 16, 2009

  • "Matthew Santos" The first single, "Shining Down", from his upcoming album Lasers. HEAT. Download it on ZShare here, but hurry up b/c I have a feeling it'll be taken down soon.
  • "Walking" Did 4 or 5 miles of it with Mila yesterday on the North Side. Don't really know how long it took but it was fun. Slept like a baby when I finally got home too.
  • "Bacci's" Went there before the walk for the first time in months. Just for everybody's information, Bacci's is having a slice-eating contest on July 11th and they are taking applications now. Don't bring a pen, though. All the application consists of is paying $10 and eating 3 full slices in 20 minutes. Trust me, it's harder than it sounds.
  • "Beisbol" It's Sox-Cubs time. Might as well be a holiday. The weather is supposed to be terrible for the next 3 days so there may be a rain-out or two, but I hope not. You already know how I'm calling this series, so I won't bother with a prediction. All I'll say is that I'm taking full advantage of the only time of the year I care to root against the Cubs.
  • "Quigz" Big ups to Mike Quigley for asking B-Rock to include same-sex married couples in the 2010 census. Of course, Obama's advisors have told him to "move cautiously" towards any revisions.

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