Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/10/09

  • "Nancy Pelosi" I'm going to propose a resolution solidifying how much of a loser she is. A wench even. Let's take it back to medieval times. She killed the Michael Jackson bill in the House today. I hope she chokes on her gum on the way home and runs into a tree James Dean-style.
  • "Rampage Jackson"

    EMBED-Rampage dry humps Cagepotato Reporter - Watch more free videos

    I don't follow UFC, but I know who he is. After watching the video above I won't soon forget it either. Or let my female relatives anywhere near him. He is obviously high joking around, but the look of terror on the girl's face and the awkward laughs from the cameraman are hilarious. "I have a dream...that one day 250-pound black men can dry hump petite white women on camera."
  • "Letters" I got one today. It was great.

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