Friday, July 10, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/10/09

  • "Dates" So yesterday, once again, I mucked up the date. I know it's something small, but it still gets on my nerves when I mess it up.
  • "Boozer" Yet another ESPN breaking "possible news story" popped up on the site last night. In a 3-way deal, the Bulls would end up saying goodbye to Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas and hello to Carlos Boozer. I doubt this actually goes through. The Bulls would have a terribly thin backcourt if they gave Hinrich up, giving opposing defenses even more chances to double Derrick Rose. The Bulls would also have nobody worth respecting from the 3-point line. That being said, Boozer only has 1 year left on his deal and we'd have bags of money to throw at D-Wade or Chris Bosh next summer. Decisions, decisions.
  • "The G-8" Props to The Smoking Section for the picture. Can't be mad at Barack and Sarkozy here. Spending 12 hours a day in a conference room full of arrogant politicians will take its toll. When some fine talent like that in the pink comes around, you can't help but stare.
  • "Dunks"

    Just because. #10 should be higher on this list. #9 too. The top two are pretty impressive, but not the best in the countdown.

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