Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/1/09

  • "Twista"

    I came across this on Fake Shore Drive. I think he still holds the highly competitive "Fastest Rapper" title in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • "Foxy Brown" The 1st of 2 flicks I ended up watching at Demas' place yesterday. She was before my time, but I can't see why girls these days give credence to weak chicks like Nicky Minaj and Diamond from Crime Mob. Pam Grier was bad. Baaaaaa-aaad. Let the photos speak for themselves. Good lord. I suddenly have a craving for chocolate milk.
  • "Gattaca" The 2nd movie at Demas'. Brief synopsis: In the future, your life is known through blood tests at birth and people are privileged and discriminated against according to the "perfection of their genes". They kept referring to the characters in Gattaca as "humanity's elite", and I couldn't help but think that this movie was (hopefully) unintentionally the most racist thing I'd seen in a while. There was only one black or brown elite person - Blair Underwood - and he was a chump! I wanted to scream at the TV like Buggin' Out from Do The Right Thing: "Hey Sal, why it ain't no brothas in the future man?" If this was the 70s, they'da made a blaxploitation spoof of Gattaca and called it "Attica".
  • "The Ledge" The newest attraction at the Sears Tower opens tomorrow. They built a glass extension that lets you basically float 1400 feet over the ground and look out over the land. Couldn't promise me enough money in the world to get me to step out on this thing.
  • "Albert Pujols" He's going to go down as the greatest right-handed hitter in the history of baseball. He's putting up PlayStation numbers this year, and for his career.
  • "Elections" They were still counting votes in Minnesota?? It's been 7 months!!


sam said...

1) nicky minaj looks every kind of baaaaa-aaad in that photo, just not my type i guess.

2) it should be noted that it is the 20th anniversary of DTRT. there was a nice piece on NPR with some woman who rights for the chi tribune. check it out and listen to it if you have 17 minutes of free time:

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

word good look on the NPR Lo

DSD said...

Nicki Minaj grosses me out/annoys me. At least Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown(the other one) at least pulled of gross and tasteless w/ some swag and made good music....