Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/15/09

  • "Drake" You can't get on the internet on turn on the radio w/o hearing his music or seeing his face, but I can't hate on him. Just can't. He's not a better lyricist than Wale or as good a rapper/singer as Phonte or even k-os, but I know more of "November 18th" than I do the Lord's Prayer. What I have to respect most though isn't the music; dude was on his grind for 3 years as an unsigned artist, blew up w/o major distribution or radio play, and didn't have a dance gimmick. All this while not pretending to be a thug when he grew up in a rich Toronto neighborhood, and still getting 90% of guys under 22 to love him. This ABC News interview is floating around the internet today pretty heavy. Check how he loses his smooth when the Rihanna question comes up. I don't understand why he dodged it. If I'd piped Rihanna, I would be offering up that info unprovoked.
  • "El Presidente" Everybody saw Obama throw the first pitch out last night. I couldn't help but smile seeing the Prez in a White Sox jacket. He obviously didn't play baseball as a kid, but he was better than this guy.
  • "LeBron" He's really having a bad summer. Since it's the offseason and nothing matters, the "LBJ getting dunked on" story has been making the rounds for much too long. I still read about it every time I see a related story though. Chris Paul and Carmelo chime in on how much of a baby LeBron is here.

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