Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/16/09

  • "Summer" So Fake Shore Drive beat me to it, but I gotta speak on the insanity going on on the South and West sides this summer. 4 people were killed and at least 8 others were wounded last night in a span of 6 hours. 6 hours?! It hasn't even been hot this summer yet and we're killing each other left and right. I can't tell Jody and the rest of the CPD boys how to do there jobs, but I can tell them how not to do their jobs. Exactly how they're doing it right now.
  • "Richard Jefferson" It's wild how he's gotten more famous for leaving his allegedly-crazy fiance days before their wedding than for anything basketball-related he's done. RJ went on Howard Stern - great place to go to try and get sympathy - to explain himself. The Big Lead has some of the highlights. I'm just gonna chalk this up to him seeing what happened to McNair and Gatti and hedging his bets. Musta been the fear of death in him to walk out on this kind of talent (in the middle).
  • "Daley" The Sears Tower is, legally, no more. It's the Willis Tower now. I've blogged about this fiasco before so I'll save it, but I have to point out King Richard's hilarious new nickname for the Tower. He says he'll call it "Big Willie". This might singlehandedly cost us the Olympics.....and now that I think about it, that's a good thing. Let's all call it Big Willie. Rio De Janeiro 2016!!
  • "Fuckery" I came across a slideshow of the just-past Redneck Games on the HuffPost today. Now I could go on for days about this, what with "events" like "Bobbin' for Pigs" and "Grandma in the Mud Pit", but I have a bigger beef with the Redneck Games. And it's not even b/c the Confederate flag is everywhere either. I have the same beef with this as I do St. Patrick's Day. Why is it that when broke white people get faded and dance around and do whatever else it is white people do when they get other, there's national coverage? They're being made fun of, I know, but when thousands or poor black and brown people get drunk and party then....wait, wait....oh....that never happens b/c the police aren't having it.
  • "Deodorant" Is "natural deodorant" an oxymoron? Isn't stopping your body from sweating unnatural by definition? I don't know, that's just how I look at it. Which is precisely why I want my deodorants to have "High Endurance" and decals all over them. If I'm gonna try and stop a natural bodily process, I don't want flowers and herbs involved. Have you seen that AXE commercial?? Notice that the "this is an exaggeration" disclaimer is conspicuously absent. That stuff works. Almost too well.


DSD said...

So I guess my theory on why black people in Chicago got violent during the summer was wrong...
I always thought that they were already really bored because of all the porch loitering/regular loitering and also cranky because of the heat.

So if it's not the Sun, then what is it?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Well, McDonald's did raise the Double Cheeseburger price to $1.29...haha

DSD said...

lmao BK dropped their regular to 99 cents tho. I bet BK NU didn't though.