Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/17/09

  • "Pac Man" So the infamous "Make It Rain" footage has found it's way onto the Web. Yeah, I definitely watched it. I shook my head through the whole thing though. Really embarrassing to see Pac Man with a Louis V. bag full of ones just throwing them around. Looks like a parody of the "Next Episode" video. Bet his unemployed ass wishes he'd saved some of those bills right about now.
  • "Popes" Pope whatever-his-name-is broke his wrist yesterday after falling in his "vacation chalet". Now I don't know what a chalet is, nor do I know why they just can't say a resort home paid for with public money, but I just have to jump on the classic "old-ass Popes" joke wagon. I think it was Paul Mooney who said it. Why is an 82-year-old man in charge of anything? Especially an organization that holds the hopes and dreams of a billion people in its pasty hands? I just don't understand. We don't let octogenarians do a damn thing but play shuffleboard over here, but if you work in the church you get to run a whole religion.
  • "The West Side" It's been too long since I've heard anything from my favorite side of the city (to make fun of). A food factory blew up on the Wild West today. Nobody died. If this wasn't on the HuffPost I'd have doubted the story was true. We all know they don't have food factories on the West Side.
  • "Hooligans" I watched Green Street Hooligans yesterday at Demas' with James and Austin. Pretty good. Cliche, yes. Predictable, yes. No black people, yes. But I liked it. I guess if people are getting knocked out I'm entertained. I just warn you, if you watch the movie you're gonna wanna walk around and beat up rival groups of guys. Resist, for your own good, b/c in England they throw bricks and in Chicago they throw bullets. Fully automatic too.
  • "Pac Div" The West Coast half of The Starting Five dropped their new tape today. Enjoy.

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